Chrysalis – A Deck For White Witches

white witch bear.michelle tolo
The White Bear Valemon by Michelle Tolo for Deviant Art.

The White Bear Valemon is a Norwegian fairy tale along the lines of Cinderella. Bear medicine symbolizes the restoration of balance, which is this blog’s theme. Valemon and the White Witch he shoulders should be regarded here as one Being. You might say the white bear is the white witch’s daemon or spirit animal, for like the bear, the white witch herself is about balance, healing and “A Witch’s Choice.” More about the choice later.

A spiritual journey often begins with an impulse mistakenly thought to have originated from within our own mind. It did not. This impulse, like an unexpected flash of knowing you dare not doubt, hails from beyond this reality – the only reality our 5 objective senses can empirically know. But don’t we have 21 senses?!

C01I won’t go into all 21 here; you can easily Google the topic. But the sense that is routinely inspired by flashes from beyond is called our Sixth Sense. In Chrysalis we know it as the Third Eye – the Eye of Horus. The Third Eye is featured prominently on the Magician card (left).

Predictably, the Third Eye is also known as the Sixth Chakra. If that chakra is gummed up with, say, fear or hate or other negative emotions, then its ability to contribute to your spiritual growth is severely impaired. In fact, it’s arrested.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are in a bookshop and are suddenly inspired to pick up Chrysalis Tarot. Chrysalis metaphysics holds that the inspiration came from beyond – from your Higher Self – and that in most instances you should stick with it, as hard as that might be at times. Trust your instinct.

Recall that the Chrysalis schema is different because of its many structural divergences from traditional tarot. For example, Chrysalis is based on the scientific concept of nonlocality; of quantum entanglement; of the connectivity of all things. We, along with many other metaphysicians, believe that consciousness is nonlocal – it’s everywhere and present in all things (panpsychism). Nonlocal consciousness attenuates the 5 additional senses we’re all somewhat familiar with: clairaudience (auditory perception), clairvoyance (psychic perception), mental telepathy (perception of thoughts), premonition (perception of the future) and precognition (ESP/dreams).

The Journey of The White Witch is the Red Pill journey to truth and understanding and to activating these 5 additional senses as defined by a field of study known as anomalistic psychology. But it’s not always smooth sailing for the White Witch and the Great Healer, as the bear is called in many shamanic cultures. The spiritual journey always encounters obstacles.

Brujo by Dark Natasha

Let’s say that after responding to that initial inspiration to pick up Chrysalis – or any spiritual modality for that matter – the ego fabricates second thoughts and doubts, commonly called “buyer’s remorse.” Well, that’s easily explained and quite normal; the ego is feeling threatened.

Sowing doubts in your mind are among the Black Witch’s various ways of creating imbalance. She’s the witch of selfness, pride and ego who’s now attempting to thwart your spiritual progress. Your journey has begun in earnest; you have met your adversary – your own ego. Shall you retreat into ego-driven hate, fear and self-centered defensiveness, or shall you embrace the healing power of white magic?

(A Bruja or Brujo is Spanish for witch, usu. a dark or low magic witch keen on hexes and charms.)

Which witch do you want to be?

N.B. At Chrysalis we are primarily concerned with spiritual growth. For this reason, we took down our previous blog on aliens that some thought controversial. While I take mild issue with that assessment, in these days of “correct speech and thought” – the Nazis termed the concept “thought alignment” – I wished to affirm inclusiveness. I believe an author’s body of work should be judged solely on its own merit aside from other considerations, lest we indulge what is commonly called bigotry — “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.”


One parting thought. In 1933 the Nazi’s sanctioned a “Säuberung” – a cleansing by fire to purge books that espoused ideologies opposed to Nazism. Among authors blacklisted whose books were burned were Kafka, Einstein and Freud, et al. I’ve quoted Kafka previously on these pages when referencing Herne the Hunter: “A book must be the ax for the frozen sea within us.”

Herne presents in Chrysalis Tarot as an archetypal White Witch, archenemy of the frozen egoic mind. Herne is the Chrysalis Master of Transformation and the subject of our next blog.

© Toney Brooks, 2020                       6 chakra

book burning
Berlin – May 1933 (Photo courtesy of the Holocaust Museum)

2 thoughts on “Chrysalis – A Deck For White Witches

  1. Thank God!! I’m glad I met someone who thinks like me (and that proves i’m not crazy)! I don’t understand how spiritual people can take radical postures (and even feed them). Inclusiveness, love, justice… Where are these values in these difficult times?! People are misrepresenting all kinds of comments, sowing hate, dividing by the color of their skin… Instead of appealing to universal unity and love. I think now if we’re seeing people’s true colors… That said, the post is extremely pertinent. On which side we want to be? On the side of good, of what nourishes love and unity… Or on the side of those who want to take advantage of fear, anxiety and exclusivity… controling people’s minds? Thank you. Much love

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    1. Thank you for your well reasoned, temperate comment, Kate. Would that the clownish woke mob realized hate and absurd virtue signaling are obstacles to their own self awareness and spiritual growth. Humility is not in their handbook. We pray for them.


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