Chrysalis Tarot and Coronavirus


We all accept (I hope) that tarot cannot be effectively used to tell fortunes. That is a pernicious myth: Our world is not deterministic; freewill exists, as do emotions, which play an integral part in decisions that shape our collective and individual futures. More on that later.

There is no puppetmaster in the sky pulling strings. Nor does the world run like a clock, wound up and forever abandoned by some celestial clockmaker. The future is up to us. We can actively influence (but not manifest) the future or simply accept it passively. That also is up to each individual. Chrysalis was crafted for those willing to think critically, rely upon reason and assume active roles in creating happy, productive lives.

That said, Chrysalis Tarot, and perhaps other decks as well – I really don’t know – can be used effectively to apprehend near term future events, consequences and outcomes. In other words, we are all prophets. We can do this because near term events and outcomes are probabilistic.

karmic centering

When we apprehend (some say divine) information that’s “out there” suspended in a field of cosmic energy, as all information is, we are apprehending external energies, which can be either positive, negative or neutral. We sort this energy/information out using our own internal energies – consciousness, ego, reason and desire. The latter can get in the way and often does. Therefore, before even attempting to correspond with the Unseen World one should clear their mind and center as much as possible. Chrysalis Tarot is a centering device.

There are other useful devices as well. Whatever helps you center should become part of the exercise: candles, music, talismans, incense, meditation, yoga, etc. But center you must. Remember, fear is an unhealthy, negative emotion. Never carry it into a reading.

Choose two significator cards from Chrysalis. Make one a positive card such as Storyteller, Sun or Elpi from the Major Arcana. Place beside it a member of The Troupe who has shamanic attributes, such as The Watcher, The Weaver or The Visionary. The card on the left symbolizes your approach to the Otherworld. Likewise, the card on the right becomes your channel to help you interpret the reading described next.


Then draw five additional cards randomly one at a time to complete the layout. Interpret the reading as the response to your query about this pandemic. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Back to emotions. For whatever reasons, the world seems filled with unprecedented hate at the moment. Most of it arises from those who, ironically, are passive participants in life and infected with a negative disposition. Their hate can become so strong that even when the world is faced with an existential threat like this virus, the hate goes unmitigated. Indeed, their hate-meters swings into the red. Haters are not spiritual or religious people. Though they may clothe themselves in sheepskin, they are like ravenous wolves.

Sunday has been declared a Day of Prayer. We hope your participate in some meaningful way. While we cannot always manifest individually, we can manifest collectively. Regardless of your personal beliefs, the fact you own Chrysalis indicates you are a keenly aware spiritual being. Allow this reading to reflect and fortify that precious quality upon your Psyche.

21 - Psyche

© Toney Brooks, 2020



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