The Banality of Evil

The title of this blog, The Banality of Evil, is a phrase coined by philosopher Hannah Arendt while covering the trial of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann. She notes that evil does not come from a Cosmic Boogeyman but rather from actions normalized by unthinking and uncaring robotic human beings. Good and Evil exist in our world side by side, ofttimes in precarious balance. Whenever evil overtakes good bad things like world wars and natural catastrophes that threaten human existence are more likely to occur.

I believe we find ourselves at such a bifurcation point today. Humanity today can easily slide into tyranny and authoritarianism – into abject existential evil – or alternatively we can bring about a higher level of consciousness that eschews conflict between nations.

Snow Spirit (above left) lived during an age we know very little about – the Paleolithic or more specifically the Upper Paleolithic. It’s a epoch that ended around 12,000 years ago at the same time the last Ice Age ended. The world of Snow Spirit ended suddenly and violently. There are two theories why. Almost overnight our planet warmed by as much as 15 degrees and sea levels rose by 300-400 feet. All the wooly mammoths, mastodons, and other large mammals went extinct, a layer of soot called the Black Mat that dates to this catastrophe blanketed the world.

The first credible theory is that a comet hit Earth, but no crater has been found. The second theory holds that a giant CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the Sun caused a humongous solar storm and was responsible for the destruction. As you might have guessed, Chrysalis favors this latter theory.

Geologist Robert Schoch described it this way: “Plasma hitting the surface of Earth could heat and fuse rock, incinerate flammable materials, melt ice caps, vaporize shallow bodies of water creating an extended deluge of rain, and send the climate into a warming spell. The release of pressure that follows the melting of thousands of meters-thick ice sheets can induce earthquakes and even cause hot rock under pressure to melt and erupt to the surface as volcanoes. The world was in chaos…”

Chaos. Disorder. These are words indelibly affixed to existential Evil.

Until around 1954 students were taught civilization began in Mesopotamia some 6,000 years ago. We were taught Ancient Egypt was the crown jewel of that civilization, a civilization that built the Giza pyramids and Sphinx around 2,500 BCE. We were taught civilization had then progressed gradually one step at a time forward through human history, a theory called uniformitarianism. The Bible stories about a Great Flood and Plato’s account of Atlantis were myths, we were told.

Archaeologists then discovered the Sphinx was actually built before 10,000 BCE. The ruins at Göbekli Tepe were discovered, ruins that date to ~9,000 BCE. There’s another site in Turkey that even predates Göbekli Tepe. Clearly there was an advanced civilization that had been leveled by some cataclysmic event during the Upper Paleolithic. The floods produced by this Biblical 300-foot rise in sea levels, let alone the “fire in the skies” – constant lightning strikes spawned by horrendous solar storms – would have wiped out most life on Earth and altered the face of our planet. Forever.

Perhaps Snow Spirit was present at that time. Perhaps, through Chrysalis artist Holly Sierra, she has presented herself to us today as a motherly warning. Remember, consciousness is nonlocal and timeless; knowledge of these events linger in our subconscious minds.

From the beginning, Chrysalis was intended to be a prophetic tarot deck. We foresaw this upcoming paradigm shift and the concordant opportunity for unparalleled advancement – a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness and rational spirituality. Among the Cadre of Evil opposing us are those who engender chaos: staunch materialists. These lost sheep worship political religions like Marxism, fascism, communism and socialism. They speak of globalism, a New World Order and Great Reset.

They believe the universe is random and that everything is either matter or energy. For them consciousness doesn’t exist; the spiritual realm is but a childish illusion. Control and absolute power season their sinister dreams of global domination.

Negativity by Nyrn-Aeh for Deviant Art

Humanity today is set upon a crossroads – a tipping point. “The Ten of Spirals (top right) beckons you to listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts and intuition. Doing so will produce a Moment of Truth when you can declare, “Enough!” Whether you pray, meditate or contemplate, the time has now arrived to do so – incessantly.

Pray that humanity will escape the horrors and tyranny that threaten us. Eschew these dark forces. Renounce the demonic negativity that seeks to manipulate us all: fear, hate, confusion, division, narcissism, manipulation and mind control. We don’t have a great deal of time remaining! Armageddon is at our door.

Theosophists note the square root of 1% of a population can neutralize negative manipulation and effect positive change. In America, that’s 1,800 people. This is known as the Maharishi Effect.

© Toney Brooks, The Ides of March, 2022