Tips on Making Wise Choices


We supersized the Two of Stones to make it easier to spot the ethereal spirals between the two boulders. One way to interpret these subtle spirals is as Otherworld energy that informs the bear’s decision whether or not to proceed forward.

Similarly, spiral energy – dynamic energy of change – informs every decision we make. Some of this energy is self-generated local energy and the remainder is nonlocal energy, which is generated outside time and space in the Otherworld. This Phi energy from the Otherworld was the subject of last week’s blog, which you can find here.

How do we discern what Phi energy is saying to us? How does it inform our choices?

Interestingly, one of the best books written on this subject was composed in the 16th century by a Spanish knight turned priest known today as Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatian spirituality has had a profound and guiding influence on my own life and, consequently, on Chrysalis Tarot’s methodology of discernment.

the-weaverFor example, the Seven of Mirror’s keyword is discernment; the Two of Spirals is a card that encourages us to analyze spiraling energy carefully, and Clotho, The Weaver (pictured left), connects you to your destiny through a succession of choices, crossroads, steps and missteps.

  1. The logical first step in making a wise choice is “to weigh the pros and cons in the matter before you.” ~ LWB. Weighing pros and cons and organizing your thoughts represent local energy, but local energy can be like a full or new moon when tides of emotion run high. Weighing pros and cons has the added benefit of calming you down and protecting you from decisions made solely on emotional whim.
  2. The next step is to submit your decision/intention to the Otherworld for confirmation and then meditate upon it as you find time. Answers are often found in mediation. Some people prefer to ritualize the act of submission, although that’s not really necessary.
  3. Confirmation will occur in one or more ways: Consolation (Six of Scrolls); Intuition (Ace of Scrolls) – you’ll know because it “just feels right,” but beware of confirmation bias, which is churned out by the ego; Synchronicity (The Ravens, The Green Man and numerous other cards that evoke synchronicity, which are called “nonlocal correlations” in quantum physics); Revelation – your choice may be unwittingly confirmed by another individual acting as an Otherworld messenger. If communicated wittingly, it’s someone giving advice and should be so regarded. Dreams, Locutions and Infused Knowledge are additional avenues of confirmation. All confirmation produces consolation – feelings of confidence, inner peace and well-being.
  4. If, after a few days, you don’t feel that you’ve received sufficient confirmation, then don’t be reluctant to return to the pro-and-con drawing board for further reflection. Your choice may be correct but the timing isn’t, or your may have overlooked an important consideration and simply need to slow down a bit. Working with the Otherworld usually requires patience and persistence.
  5. Sometimes we second guess our choices even after they’ve been confirmed. Ignatius was quite clear about this: a choice confirmed by consolation, or by another method and accompanied by consolation, can always be trusted. So stick to it, even though you may be going through what Ignatius termed a “time of perturbations.” Perturbations are fear and anxiety fueled by self-doubt. If perturbations persist, you may have blocking issues in need of healing. The Otherworld often will use perturbations to prevent an unwise decision, so never force things.

Simply by opening yourself up to the Otherworld and inviting it to influence your life’s choices guarantees spiritual reward. Furthermore, co-creative cooperation with the Otherworld is probably one of the most effective chakra clearing exercises I know.

Speaking of chakras and choices, the three most important chakras in decision making are #7 Crown Chakra, #4 Heart Chakra and #3 Solar Plexus or Gut Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Second Brain. While it’s important to keep all seven chakras (energy meridians) in healthy yin-yang balance, these three chakras are the primary processing centers of Phi integrated information (previous blog) that propels you toward destiny, so trust your gut.

It’s my personal belief that when we are well grounded and our chakras are clear and balanced, making difficult choices isn’t all that difficult.

lcd_galaxies_615                Image credit: Olena Shmahalo/Quanta Magazine

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One thought on “Tips on Making Wise Choices

  1. Hi Toney,

    I have tried numerous times to post a comment. Not sure if there is a tech glitch or what, but I thought I better let you know that you may be seeing several similar comments from me on this post.

    First, this post help clarify a few things about the 2 of Stones. Also, I think that I have so much to learn in general when it comes to understanding fully what I am seeing and hearing. I have never had a deck before, and I wasn’t actually setting to look for one when Chrysalis came after me. The messages are getting clearer and clearer to me. I don’t need any other cards. I think I will learn everything I set out to with these, and then some.

    I saw somewhere here that you will do readings. If that is something available to me, I would be wholeheartedly interested. Let me know if so and how to go about it. Thanks either way, I sure appreciate it.

    Cari Bunetta


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