The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, Dutch modern artist Johfra Bosschart

Paul Levy, who I quote extensively below, is a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality. Among his books are The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality and Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. An artist and author, he is deeply steeped in the work of C. G. Jung, and has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years.

As we enter the nascent phase of the Aquarian Age that includes the corrective and final gasps of the previous Piscean Age, we simultaneously enter the paradigm shift that was the impetus for Chrysalis Tarot.

A paradigm is defined simply as the framework for understanding reality. The dominant Piscean paradigm is the Eurocentric, Biblical worldview. It regards evil as an external reality, i.e. the devil.

In fact, evil is an intrinsic aspect of every individual’s psyche. It exists in the shadow self. It is a mind disease Paul Levy calls wetiko, a Cree word meaning evil spirit.

In actuality, wetiko is a far worse demon: “Wetiko is the overarching umbrella that contains, subsumes, informs and underlies every form of self and other destruction that our species is acting out seemingly uncontrollably in our world today on every scale,” according to Levy.

When wetico’s scale of infection leaps from individual to species, from micro to macro, it becomes a phenomena called Mass Formation Psychosis, a term attributed to author Mattias Desmet. The spectre then becomes “madness on an industrial scale, as we see evidenced all around us in the world today,” as Levy notes in an article he wrote for Kosmos Journal.

“Wetiko can be conceived of as being an evil, cannibalistic, vampiric spirit that inspires people under its sway to take and consume another’s resources and lifeforce energy solely for their own profit [or emotional satisfaction], without giving anything back of value from their own lives. Wetiko thus violates the sacred law of reciprocity in both human affairs and the natural world as a whole.” Because it is vampiric, it is also toxically narcissistic: the unawakened are self-absorbed yet not self-aware. Consequently, they are easily manipulated, intimidated and controlled. They believe what their peers insist they believe thus forming a collective, undiscerning hive-mind.

Have you watched mainstream news lately? Wide scale violence is escalating, as is palpable fear. Not only does corporate media confirm the above quoted assertion by Levy, it both promulgates and justifies it. The mainstream media is part of the problem.

Art by James Piper

As I previously mentioned, I don’t intend to write a great deal about wetiko or about what is really going on in our world in this Chrysalis space. Instead, such pieces, often harrowing, will appear on my new Rational Spirituality substack. I invite you to subscribe – it’s always free. You will be provided with critical information and spiritual guidance you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

The evil spirit animating wetiko has been creatively symbolized in as many ways as can be imagined by many great artists, scientists, thinkers and philosophers, and certainly by every spiritual wisdom tradition known to humanity, notes Levy. Carl Jung referred to the wetiko mind disease as “totalitarian psychosis.” The trend toward totalitarianism in the U.S. is astounding; consider the lockdowns, mandates and pervasive censorship. We are truly entering the Orwellian dystopia.

The great imperative is this: we must fast awaken to this threat and seek to understand it. There is far too much groupthink and far too little critical thinking in our society. “Wetiko, though originating within the human psyche, reveals itself via the medium of the outside world. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is reflecting—just like a dream, where the outer dreamscape is a symbolic expression of the inner state of the dreamer—an unconscious process that is happening deep within the human psyche. It’s like Covid is something we collectively “manifested into existence.” (Levy)

Chrysalis was created as an antidote to the mind virus. Our great defense against wetiko is self awareness, which must include our shadow self; the shadow is where wetiko lurks with impunity. We all must incorporate our personal shadow, regardless of our deplorable it may be, into our conscious awareness and own it! It’s the only way I know of to effectively fight back. The universe is a living organism and offers everything we need to wake up and develop eyes to see.

Jung felt that the catastrophic evil manifesting in our world today is an archetypical expression of the process of humanity’s transition from one epoch—and lower state of consciousness—to another epoch and higher state of consciousness.

The dark side has it’s archetypes and we have ours! My favorite Old Testament prophet is Ezekiel, who wrote: “Son of man, you’re living with a bunch of rebellious people. They have eyes but don’t see a thing, they have ears but don’t hear a thing. They’re rebels all.” (Ezekiel 2:22, MSG)

Mundo Icayari, by Luis Tamani


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