Animal Communication

“The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things;

“Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of cabbages and kings;

“And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.”

Lewis Carroll’s Walrus hosts this blog because we neglected to work him into our final Chrysalis cast of characters and don’t want him to feel completely left out.

We did, however, work animals, fish and fowl into two-thirds of the deck (52 of the 78 cards to be exact). And that’s a good thing because human consciousness and emotion operate within the same frequency range as those of the animal kingdom, of which Walrus is King. The added animal vibrations (pure energy) intuited using Chrysalis serve to enrich readings by providing additional consciousness raising attributes and symbolism. More on that directly.

Before we begin talking to animals, though, let’s clear one thing up. “Cabbages” in “The Walrus and the Carpenter” poem from Alice in Wonderland is not a reference to veggies. No, cabbage is the left over cloth put in a basket under a tailor’s worktable (French cabbaser – to put in a basket). These discarded leftovers could make a nice quilt or something else later on.

South African native Anna Breytenbach is one of the better known animal communicators in the world. Her videos are hits on YouTube – this particular one about a black leopard named Spirit is my favorite.

According to Anna, we all have a natural ability to communicate one-on-one with other species, particularly the furry friends who share our households and play a mutually important part of daily life.

This inter-species ability to communicate applies also to your own archetypal spirit animal(s), be they ravens, owls, tigers, bees or even a walrus. Spirit animals, such as those seen on all 16 Chrysalis Troupe cards, share attributes with their familiars who are featured on each card. Owl is The Watcher’s familiar or spirit animal, for example. Any animal species that resonates with you is likely to be one of your spirit animals with whom you can take shamanic flights into unseen worlds. Your spirit animal may also be trying to tell you something.

“It’s a simple matter of quieting the mind and intending to connect,” says Anna. “The animals pick that up right away, very easily. Then I send either a mental image, or a thought/sentence (not vocalized), or an emotion… whatever comes naturally. There’s no effort required on the sending side of things. Transference happens at a quantum level, in the universal language of pure energy.”

That “pure energy,” often referred to as Qi, (also Chi, Prana, Ki and others), is an oriental concept that’s been in practical use for at least 4,000 years. It’s mind-directed life force energy that flows throughout your body, keeps you healthy and helps to balance your emotions. Qi originates in the aether and returns to the aether somewhat like a feed back loop.

Animal communication, as well as communication with other archetypes in the Akashic Field (aether), are dynamic functions of Qi. The more adept you become at aligning and manipulating your personal Qi, the greater your ease of access to telepathic communications both within this world with live animals (and humans) and in worlds beyond with spirit animals.

By the way, Walrus as a spirit animal symbolizes calmness and mesmerizing kindness – both are attributes and hallmarks of well balanced Qi.

For further study you might look into qigong, which is life force (qi) + work or cultivation (gong). Here’s a decent article, particularly the section that deals with “internal qigong.”

© Toney Brooks, OS, 2020

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the work of Anna Breytenbach. I hope her beautiful spirit and deep empathy with all life receives greater exposure as she has so much to show us. Belinda Chambers

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