Spiritual Warfare: Apocalypse

These three cards are the road map for this blog’s energy.

Eschatology, a branch of metaphysical theology, is the study of last things in one of several contexts, usu. the Christian “End Times” or “Last Days,” as described in the Biblical Book of Revelation – a book all Christians are familiar with but don’t like to talk about. However, all three monotheistic religions teach their own versions of eschatology. There is also, for example, a Platonic eschatology, a Vedic eschatology and even a Marxist eschatology. Marxism after all is a religious creed that exposits a secular “Heaven on Earth.” We’ll return to that thought.

However, the context of the Last Days we present here is our own – the Metaphysics of Time as described in Chrysalis Tarot. In Chrysalis, the End Times or Last Days refers to ages or eras. We are, in fact, concurrently nearing the astrological end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. To paraphrase Churchill, “This is not a beginning. It is not even an end. But it is, perhaps, the beginning of an end.”

That’s not as bad as it sounds; the world doesn’t end, it carries on. But what kind of a world will it be? Frankly, that’s the wrong question. The right question is, “What choices will we make today that will define the new world?

Anonymous, attributed to the Master of Cassoni Campana, c. 1525.

The artwork above is titled, “Theseus and the Minotaur.” While Theseus battles the minotaur in the center of the labyrinth, Ariadne and her sister, Phaedra, patiently await the outcome. For our purposes, in this painting we recast Phaedra (L) as Bella Rosa – one of the 3 cards on the blog’s banner.

In Spiritual eschatology, Armageddon represents the battle between Good and Evil, as we noted in our previous spiritual warfare blog. Humanity, led by God along with his prophets and saints, will establish the new world – the Age of Aquarius. Indeed, the Bible prophesizes this victory of good over evil. In secular eschatology, as taught by Karl Marx, only a violent, worldwide revolution by the oppressed proletariat led by a vanguard of secular saints (political bigwigs) can usher in a new age. Marx’s ragtag troops have already taken to the streets while the sophisticated opposition looks on dumbfoundedly and fiddles away like Nero (as of June 2020).

This Present Darkness by Nancy Raborn

Ariadne’s labyrinth is a powerful symbol for these confusing times. The difficult journey leading to its center symbolizes self-discovery and discernment and will determine which camp you eventually join. The even more difficult route back out symbolizes your spiritual journey to enlightenment and the battle itself.

Ariadne’s Thread, which helped Theseus retrace his own steps after overcoming the minotaur (his shadow self), symbolizes Divine Assistance. Ariadne is the Guardian of the Gates of Time and your spiritual director/captain. Without her assistance, it won’t be easy sorting out the twisting, turning false exits of the labyrinth. It’s easy to get stuck on a spiritual threshold.

The journey in and out of the labyrinth is analogous to the integration of your Shadow archetype, as we explain below.

Alvin Toffler’s book Future Shock suggests one reason why it might seem society is being ripped apart at the seams. He predicted that rapid change, mostly technological, and psychological distress would lead to an inability to cope that he termed future shock.

The Chrysalis card La Bella Rosa symbolizes what’s happening on the spiritual front. “The Jungian concept of Shadow describes a cluster of impulses, complexes, shameful and unacknowledged desires, self‐indulgences and being a slave to one’s own primitive instincts.” ~ Inna Semetsky, PhD, Tarot Discontents – Past, Present and Future, 2009.


Then there’s this passage from the Chrysalis Companion book: “Once the shadow is integrated, we will automatically stop projecting its dark side onto other people, since there’s no longer a valid reason to deny its existence. Bella’s red rose symbolizes self-acceptance. Her mirror symbolizes introspection—the shining light that exposes the shadow’s favorite hiding places [in your psyche].”

In other words, those spiritual pilgrims/combatants who finally stopped playing the blame game have accepted personal responsibility for their own lives. Conversely, those who continue unceasingly to play the blame game – along with many of the sympathizers enabling them – are Cultural Marxists intent on violent revolution as their only means of effecting real change. Like all Marxists, they are hardcore dogmatic materialists. Accordingly, preaching spirituality and self-awareness to them is rather pointless. Many of the enablers, however, are simply naïve or complacent in just being “woke.” Again, there is a huge difference, even a dichotomy, between the woke and the Awakened.

In any event, what we are witnessing right now evinces a spiritually sick and depraved society. Both the Marxists and the Spiritually Enlightened can agree on this point: There must be darkness before the dawn, as symbolized by the third card on our banner – Kali.


Detail, Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo


© Toney Brooks, 2020





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