Day 5 – Daughter of the Dagda

Brighid’s Well in Kildare

The Three-Fold Fire of Brighid

Fire in the forge that
shapes and tempers

Fire of the hearth that
nourishes and heals

Fire in the head that
incites and inspires.

We mentioned in our Day 2 blog that Brighid – Pagan goddess and Catholic saint – is titled, “Daughter of the Dagda.” The Dagda is the supreme deity of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the tribe or people of the Goddess Danu in Irish mythology.

The Tuatha Dé, like all the old gods and the new, were considered supernatural beings who inhabited the Otherworld. There they interacted with humans. This 4,000 year old profession of faith effectively correlates the unseen Otherworld with Collective Unconscious archetypes, a spiritual awareness rarely found in today’s worldview dominated by scientific materialism.

While this novena’s primary intention is to seek clarity as to the true nature of reality, it offers thoughts and prayers for a rapid end to today’s antiquated, discredited and narcissistic worldview that insists physical reality is all that truly exists.

Holly Sierra art from the Chrysalis Tarot app.

The Chrysalis Tarot card chosen to represent this plight of ours is Celtic Owl, a card fitting for a novena invoking a Celtic goddess and Catholic saint.

These are the most important symbols found in the Celtic Owl image:

1. The endless knot symbolizes connectivity of everything – Individual consciousness to the Collective Unconsciousness (Otherworld); Individual consciousness to Cosmic Mind, and the present to past and future.

2. Owl symbolizes both the Otherworld and keen sight (and insight), even in darkness. Owl also is a symbol of spiritual growth, wisdom and psychic ability, particularly clairvoyance.

3. The crown chakra, a symbol of higher consciousness, is a dominant feature in Holly’s Celtic Owl artwork. Pranic energy enters the crown or seventh chakra portal and proceeds to flow through the other energy meridians before returning to the eternal aether. Pranic energy, the energy of pure consciousness, is the life force that changes desire into reality.

Toroidal pranic energy

 I am Owl,
Swift creature of the dark night
Guardian of the Spirit’s flight

Herald of new direction
Ancient wisdom in reflection

Nature’s shy and silent one
Who sees beyond the setting sun.

From Wisdom of the Four Winds Oracle
©by Cecilie Okada & Barry Brailsford

and with special thanks to Beth Owls Daughter for The Wisdom of Owls

Fairys Dancing
Fairies Dancing by Tina Higgins Art

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© Toney Brooks, 2019

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