Day 1 – Novena to Brighid

Chrysalis Tarot art by Holly Sierra

A novena is a 9-day mindful supplication made on behalf of a particular intention, grace or favor. Among religious types, it’s a 9-day prayer frequently bedeviled with sin, sacrifice and a general sense of unworthiness. Among spiritual types, on the other hand, it enlivens the beautiful image of Chrysalis’ Lovers card (left) – airy, worthy and free.

In either instance a novena carries a sense of urgency and focus. The supplicant wants answers! Personally, I’ve found that novenas always produce answers and quite often in less than 9-days. So please add your own intentions to this novena.

Over the next 9 days our blogs will feature Chrysalis cards whose specific intention is clarity. We seek clarity of understanding about what’s really going on in our turbulent world.


Tarot is especially useful in attaining such clarity and, of course, so is prayer, meditation active imagination and lucid dreaming. Tarot is especially useful because it is a dialog – indeed a union – between the supplicant and the Otherworld.

The depiction in the lovers card, rich with nature’s symbolism (Tree of Life, Sun and Moon), is of a marriage – a union. On the microcosmic profane level, this card can be interpreted as the apotheosis of Arthur and Brighid, whose special day was February 1. (Tomorrow’s novena will center on Brighid.) Merlin performs the microcosmic ceremony as High Priest.

hieros gamos
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On the macrocosmic sacred level, the lovers’ wedding feast depicts the union of Heaven and Earth, of the seen and the unseen. It’s known as the Hieros Gamos. This is important because unless we as taroists recognize that our discipline necessitates mindful dialog across the threshold and into the unseen world to engender ascension or Higher Consciousness, then destiny becomes simply a 7-letter skeleton holding a deck of tarot cards – a mere chrysalis of potentiality frozen in time.

Higher consciousness is the fulfillment of destiny. It allows us to burst forth from the chrysalis into eternal time.

Please pay particular attention to the Music of the Spheres during this novena. By that I allude to synchronicities, symbols, oddities, dreams, etc. This novena is composed to reveal not only clarity for the here and now, but also to glimpse forward into the next 9 years.

It is during these coming 9 years that a new paradigm will replace the old. The thoroughly refuted scientific materialism worldview – the notion that if you can’t measure it, then it must not exist – will give way to a holistic worldview that integrates, rather than separates, consciousness and matter. This new paradigm will herald the most exciting evolution of consciousness in human history!

Please do add your own personal intentions for clarity on any matter to this novena. You can have novena blogs emailed directly to you by punching the Follow button below.

Art by Josephine Wall

© Toney Brooks, 2019

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