Dreamwork and Storyteller

burning man poster

Burning Man poster by Cory and Catska Ench.

“Occasionally something will capture your Dreammaker’s heart and you are given a numinous dream. You awake knowing you have come into contact with the presence of divinity. It’s important when receiving such a dream to take a step in the direction of its prompting, offering physical gratitude or a leap of faith, inviting the symbol to come on stronger. Soon, those numinous moments turn into hours, eventually days and, with enough fidelity to your path, a new life is born.” ~ Dreamwork with Toko-pa.

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I stumbled upon this powerful image and its accompanying text on Facebook about the same time I answered a question about Storyteller here on the Chrysalis website. (You can see the exchange here.)

In the above poster we see an embryo being transformed through a Third Eye experience by what we could call spiraling liminal energy. That would be the “energy of liminality” experienced in a hypnagogic state such as deep meditation or in a dream. It’s hypnagogic because experience of the numinous or divinity is considered a threshold or liminal experience. In the Chrysalis scheme of things, divinity is synonymous with your own Higher Self (destiny), or your transcendent Divine Child (sacred inner voice).

9 - Storyteller

Regardless of terminology, the point is that such liminal states, whether they be sleeping dreams, waking dreams or dreams experienced during deep meditation, all originate in the same place. In Chrysalis, we call this originating place the Otherworld in order to simplify terms and grant weighty religious fiddle-faddle a wide berth.

The Otherworld is what was once known as the aether before general relativity came along. The Sanskrit word for aether is Akasha. The Otherworld, therefore, can be described as a quantum field or network of interdependent energy (information) possessing an infinite number of nodes and nexuses located throughout the cosmos that are capable of communicating with and inspiring all sentient beings, not through words but through symbols, archetypes, power animals, memories and imagination, etc. (Plus other people!)

That’s why we believe it’s important when using tarot to allow the ego-oriented conscious mind (self with a little s) to wander off and commune in the darkened forest with egoless unconscious intuition, imagination and inspiration (Self). That’s where “numinous moments turn into hours” and consciousness gracefully morphs into Higher Self.


2 thoughts on “Dreamwork and Storyteller

  1. Hi Toney,
    I am truly enjoying your posts here at chrysalis tarot.com. You have posted some very insightful thoughts to ponder here and I appreciate your selection of a variety of resources. The subject matter is provocative and the supporting material, solid.
    I received the Chrysalis Tarot Companion on July 2nd and the Chrysalis Tarot on July 3rd. I spent a good amount of time on Amazon reading the reviews as well as pouring over the Internet looking for more of the images in the tarot. Every moment spent in that research was well worth it. I really love this deck, it’s art, it’s energy and the companion guide. The guide and the LWB are worth reading again and again just to take the concepts in. The deck itself is like a visit with a familiar old friend. I carry it with me to work, not so much for readings but to glimpse something positive and refreshing if the work load becomes burdensome.
    I have recently returned to Tarot practice as well as Reiki practice after a long hiatus from both. It has been remarkable how the universe has lined up opportunities to walk out this calling in every day life. Very recently, I had the opportunity to share about Reiki to one of our classes at the private college where I work. What a gift! As I continue this walk, I know that the Chrysalis Tarot will be a beloved and wise companion.
    Thanks again to you and to Holly for pouring yourselves into this beautiful work. The Chrysalis is truly a gift to those who receive it. I am, daily, discovering more uses for this friend in meditation, reading, journeying, and even therapeutic work. Truly a delight. Thank you both!


    1. Thank you, Victoria. I’m glad you’re finding the blog, which is slogging along through a summer semi-hiatus, the companion book and LWB informative and helpful as you become better acquainted with Chrysalis. I appreciate and value your feedback. If you’re on social media, there’s a Facebook Chrysalis Study Group you might enjoy. If you ever have questions about Chrysalis, please post them here. I promise to address them quickly. Cheers, Toney


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