Politics as Counterfeit Spirit: A Metapsychology of Liberation, Part I


An astute piece about the toll political disputations and other group-think activities take on the psyche and essence of who we truly are (Higher Self).


Rise above the chaos and ego-obsessed Egregores, characterized by the dispirited fellow on the left!


I find it interesting to watch and listen to “political discourse” not because I care about the politicians or parties themselves but because of the patterns and forces which they reveal. Saying this is liable to bring accusations of disconnected or apathetic privilege from the impassioned Left or else of Satanic refusal to tow the Nationalist line from the effusive Right, but this is evidence of the selfsame patterning.

In the occultism of the West, we might speak of egregores: group-minds which take on a literal life of their own, directing human activities on a more or less large scale in line with their own survival and expansion needs rather than the explicit desires of the human agents themselves. These egregores, however, may be dealt with, tricked, trapped, or, more commonly, compacted with just like any other spirit-being. Such pacts, whether explicit or implicit, are more common than not.

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Happy Diwali!


Happy Diwali to our Hindu friends, Jains and Sikhs!

Diwali is the annual Festival of Lights that marks the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, reason over superstition and hope over despair.

The festival honors Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune. Chrysalis Tarot will offer up Lakshmi’s intentions via the intercession of Elpi.


Ancestors and Soul Loss

Soul Retrieval, by Sanda Cook

In metaphysics when we speak of soul loss, recovery or retrieval, we refer to a spiritual malady best described as an experience of isolation and brokenness that makes us feel, well, like a lost soul. There are many beliefs about soul loss and retrieval and many approaches to healing it. We shall concentrate on Chrysalis Tarot’s approach and the shamanic healing power of individual Family Constellations composed of ancestors.

Ancestors help us understand who we are and discern our purpose in this life.

Describing soul loss, psychologist Sandra Ingerman states, “There are many common symptoms of soul loss. Some of the more common ones would be dissociation where a person does not feel fully in his or her body and alive and fully engaged in life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss.”

Water Naiad

Recovering lost fragments of soul and restoring wholeness most probably do not require spiritual or psychological counseling, let alone intervention of an experienced shaman.  Treatment will depend, of course, upon the severity of soul loss/fragmentation and correct identification of its cause(s).

However, in this exercise it will require that you task your imagination, the most effective healing tool we possess, to the matter at hand. The painting above by Russian artists Svetlana and Igor Anisiforov is titled Water Naiad affords perfect symbolism. Water is appropriate because it symbolizes higher wisdom; the unicorn symbolizes creative imagination; the castle is the abode of The Ancestors, and the moon symbolizes both personal and collective unconscious.

The fish symbolizes the dream world, the world you will allow your imagination to inhabit during this meditation. To enter it you need only to still your mind and tune to your family frequency – every family has a discrete frequency or vibration. It’s always there and available, but we seldom pay much attention to it. This is likely due to cultural biases against an active afterlife in an unseen world of dynamical information.

harameinFamily Constellations by definition presume the reality of an active afterlife. They recognize that our ancestors and ancient lineage determined who we are, physically and spiritually, and that any dissociation, isolation or fragmentation we experience likely stems, at least in part, from benign neglect of our ancestors.

In Chrysalis, we came up with the idea of an Ancestral Council Reading. We use the cards, mostly members of The Troupe, to represent individual ancestors to whom we feel closest. The cards then form the foci for the meditation.

An Ancestral Council Reading and a Family Constellation are effectively the same thing: by tuning into our family frequency, we engender a silent exchange of information heard only through faculties of intuition and creative imagination. It’s not at all difficult.

Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves by Svetlana and Igor Anisiforov

Soul loss is first and foremost about imbalance, therefore soul recovery is about restoring balance. In Japan maple trees are called kito, which means calm and restful peace – the primary attributes of balance and wholeness. These attributes are constant themes throughout Chrysalis Tarot. They also are attributes of Gaia, interpreted below by visionary artist Alex Grey.



Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self by Sandra Ingerman.

Ancestral Connections

Talking ancestors. Anne Deon . annedeon.com
Talking Ancestors by Anne Deon
Since Chrysalis Tarot was published in 2014, it has been recognized and lauded as a healing deck. We focus chiefly upon 3 specific streams of healing energy: shamanic, Earth-centered spirituality and ancestral, although there are others, e.g. archetypal psychology.

The second and third streams are closely related; Earth or nature-centered spirituality is not just about looking outward into the natural world but also about looking inward. It’s about celebrating the spiritual connectivity to our ancestors by honoring them as an important key to soul recovery and healing – a portal for increased self-awareness.

Ancestral constellations are our guides to increased self-knowledge, a requisite to healing. The ancestors are much involved in our day-to-day lives, more so than we imagine. Ancestral energies affect synchronicity, dreams and decisions made by the personal unconscious mind.


With the harvest festival of Mabon rapidly approaching, we will celebrate special days of heightened ancestral awareness that will culminate on Samhain (All Hallows’ Eve).

Four of Spirals image from the Chrysalis Tarot App by The Fool’s Dog.


For more on the healing power of Ancestral Constellations we recommend Connecting to our Ancestral Past by Francesca Mason Boring as well as the collected works of Bert Hellinger.

The Cycles of Time

FourScrollsBWThere’s a cute line in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film as Kaya Scodelario’s character explains to Captain Jack Sparrow that “horology” is the study of measuring time. You can imagine what Captain Jack thought it meant.

Horology is an interesting subject, particularly with regard to the study of cycles. As you know, the importance of cycles and cyclical time are stressed heavily in Chrysalis Tarot, astrology, history, philosophy and in nature (Gaia) itself.

This is the foremost reason Chrysalis evolved as an archetypal goddess/nature oriented deck crafted to steer minds away from its daily preoccupations with linear time so to appreciate the bigger picture.

Historical divisions of time are customarily divided into four distinct cycles with the fourth cycle nearly always pointing to crisis, as well as the transformation from an old order to a new one (Nine of Spirals, Kali, Phoenix and others) – in other words, a paradigm shift.


When designing Chrysalis we felt it was important to recognize that this fourth cycle was upon us and that a new, cyclical approach to tarot would be needed to prepare for the coming Shift; at least to understand, if not embrace, the gnawing feeling of global unravelling we see today.

An understanding of cycles and of cyclical time, which are manifest not only in human history but in our time-obsessed daily lives, are part and parcel of a profound evolution of consciousness driving this paradigm shift.


~ “The Fourth Turning” is an excellent book on the subject of cyclical time. http://amzn.to/2xOC9JC

The Chrysalis Nines

Tarot cards numbered nine traditionally indicate successful completion of a cycle. But that interpretation may not serve you well. There’s still work to do. The nines actually presage an opportunity for you to successfully complete a cycle that requires making tough choices. Those choices demand that you recognize and personally adapt to a particular dynamic of change. We’ll detail those dynamics of change directly.

But first, a word about what contributes to Chrysalis’ uniqueness. It’s goal is to help you attain higher consciousness – a greater awareness of the material world, of Self, of the unseen world and of your healing ministry. You would not be reading this unless you have a healing ministry – for yourself and for others. The Nines symbolize the four cornerstones of Chrysalis.

The Nine of Stones bolsters your courage, the courage you need to renounce material attachments and grow indifferent to ego gratification. Material attachments are by definition ego-driven attachments. They are obstacles to personal and spiritual growth.

The Nine of Mirrors engenders peace, joy and self-reflection, the external peace we experience in nature’s beauty and bounty and the internal peace we experience in joy and surrender of control.

The Nine of Spirals is Chrysalis’ icon for reorganization and perseverance. Aeolus, the master of the four winds, appears on the cover of our Chrysalis Companion book. The companion book attempts to dispense with gnawing tarot superstitions by offering for consideration the science of interconnectivity and oneness. Quantum physics shows that our universe is an infinite storehouse of information¹ – of all the information ever generated by thought, word, deed and emotion. The permanency of what we might term cosmic consciousness references an early Buddhist belief known as the Akashic Records.

The Nine of Scrolls is Chrysalis’ Dark Night of the Soul card. This card depicts the despair often suffered during times of intense spiritual growth or personal transformation. It’s allegorized as the darkness a caterpillar experiences when encased in its chrysalis before becoming a butterfly. The Dark Night of the Soul points to the process of becoming.

¹ The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution

Images of the Chrysalis Nines were taken from the Chrysalis Tarot app by The Fool’s Dog.

~ Toney

Happy Lammas!

C03This week’s featured Chrysalis Tarot card is Gaia, the primal Mother Earth goddess of Greek mythology. The occasion we celebrate today is the Festival of Lammas, the first of three annual harvest festivals on the Chrysalis calendar. The others are Mabon and Samhain.

Lammas means loaf mass. Its origins can be traced to the mythology of the dying god of light, the son of the Sun whose (self-sacrificing) energy produces life-sustaining grains, fruits and vegatables (resurrected) annually.

In Gaelic lands this First Fruits festival celebrates the funeral rites of Lugh, the Celtic god of light. It’s called Lughnasadh meaning “assembly of Lugh.” In Judaism Shavuot celebrates the wheat harvest and concludes a 7-week celebration that begins with the barley harvest at Passover. On the Jewish calendar this event occured this year in June.

The dying god archetype is universal. The Haida people of the Pacific Northwest believe that salmon are supernatural spirits who assume fish-like form to sacrifice themselves annually for the benefit of humankind.

Whether you bake a loaf, make a corn dolly, take a nature walk or go fishing, Happy Lughnasadh this August 1st! Fall is in the air.


Salmon art by Haida artist Bill Reed

Corn dolly by Brandon Thatchers.

Watchers – The Prophets of Our Time


For this week’s Chrysalis card I chose The Watcher, our resident prophet archetype. But first a few choice words about prophecy.

Prophecy, at least in the Classical sense, is not about painting a perfect picture of the future but about a fresh interpretation of the frayed canvasses of the past. Watchers envisage the future not as a product of causal, linear progressions but as an emergent property of recurring cycles.

A watcher’s mind projects the Big Picture of an “Eternal Now,” where past, present and future are simply convenient and mostly meaningless human constructs.

Prophecy is not a “gift,” but forthrightly an acquired skill set. Most adults can become adept at reading cyclical patterns and “predicting” the future using little more than synchronicity, creative imagination and solid historical perspectives.

Bear shaman viewing butterfly . Norval Morrisseau

In Norval Morriseau’s painting, the bear-shaman converses with a butterfly, the preeminent symbol of the psyche. Psyche is not something within us; we exist within psyche. Our common goal is to become one with psyche, one with higher Self.

When Self has become fully formed and informed by psyche, when Self looks destiny in the eye, only then can we humans, strapped to the straight-backed chairs of mortality, leave the chrysalis.

Watchers, shamans and countless other soul-butterflies have left their chrysalis behind forever and discovered their destiny. They are the prophets of our time.

When we Westerners think of prophecy, we usually conjure up a familiar Bible story from Sunday School, church or Charlton Heston. A case in point:

Regardless of whether you believe in a monotheistic God (the Chrysalis schema embraces spiritual naturalism), at least to some degree the mythology of Jesus the Hebrew Prophet has helped shape your worldview. Jesus made many predictions. For example, he predicted that the Jewish Temple would be destroyed: “Not a stone will be left unturned.”

Many Biblical scholars regard such predictions as prophecy historicised rather than as history remembered, an important distinction. The former implicates disingenuous 20/20 hindsight; the latter genuine 20/20 foresight or true prophecy. Let’s choose foresight. How could Jesus, an obscure prophet from Nazareth, as well as many other Hebrew prophets, have foreseen the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple?


Well, a Talmud scholar would explain simply that the Jewish Temple had been defiled and, accordingly, would certainly be destroyed. But the temple was not defiled by hardworking money changers, who were an important facet of temple life and commerce. A foreign Jew on pilgrimage to Jerusalem was unable to buy doves for sacrifice using foreign currency. He first had to convert it to shekels.

The Herodian Temple became a symbol of self-righteous power and gross indulgence rather than of holiness, perhaps not unlike like today’s Vatican. Jesus’ tirade was not aimed at money changers, per se, but at the ungodliness of what Herod’s Temple and King Herod himself represented  – a den of corruption, greed and power. By tossing a few tables and bird cages about, Jesus in fact mimed the destruction of the temple. That act of sedition was not lost on the Pharisees and Romans.

That contrived act itself was both prophetic and purposeful. In Roman law, sedition was punishable by death. Jesus didn’t “lose his temper,” regardless of what Pastor Tim may have you believe.

Beyond the Wall


One of my great delights in watching Game of Thrones for 6 seasons going on 7 has been watching Arya Stark, as played by Maisie Williams, grow up physically, mentally and spiritually. I find Arya to be absolutely enchanting, as would any devout Jungian.

Arya littlerally transforms from a little lost girl into a warrior woman on the archetypal scale of Boudicca, Brigantia and Diana/Artemis, the great huntress moon goddess who has informed the female warrior archetype for ages.


In Chrysalis Tarot, warrior goddess attributes are manifested in Morgan le Fay, the Sorceress, although our deck is chock-full of other strong female archetypes. C02That’s one of the qualities that sets Chrysalis apart.

I’m also an Arya Stark fan because, in the New Paradigm to come, it is strong women who will trailblaze the future of Western Civilization. Our civilization is presently in decline, as foreseen by most philosophers of history worth their salt and aware of historical cycles. But eventually it will give birth to a new civilization heralded by a Second Golden Age of culture.

A strong woman, mind you, is not a woman whose heart is set on being and behaving a man, like Cersei in GoT, but one who is fully and truly female in her own psyche.


Pictured above are Morgan le Fay. the Sorceress from Arthurian legend, and Queen Boudicca. The majestic statue of Queen Boudicca, Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe that defeated the Romans, is located near Westminster Bridge in London.


“Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”

9 - StorytellerWhen William Safire sent those biting words into the mouth of Spiro Agnew back in 1972, the barb was aimed directly toward Mainstream Media (MSM). In those days, many Americans, specifically what was then called the “Silent Majority,” were becoming disillusioned with mainstream media, which for most of us consisted of three network tv channels and our daily newspaper of choice.

Two generations on and America has watched the nascent disillusionment of the 60s and 70s grow and metastasize into an ugly malaise of profound distrust and resentment.

And rightfully so! MSM no longer can legitimately boast of any  pretense to objectivity when it opines on matters of great importance to the corporate/political establishment (“the swamp”) that controls it. For truth, one must reject the swamp and its obsession with greed and power.

Fortunately there is a survival strategy. While journalistic integrity as we once knew and admired it appears to be dead and buried, MSM itself now grows less and less important by the day as more Americans are bristled by its outright lies and subtle deceptions and turn instead to alternative media for information. However, the death of disillusion is part and parcel of evolving a personal worldview. This is where Chrysalis Tarot comes in. We created Chrysalis to help confront and survive the difficulties and stress of a paradigm shift. And to overcome chronic negativity, which is a low-vibration, unhealthy emotion.

One has two obvious choices when confronting truths that fly in the face of a cherished worldview. The confrontation is called cognitive dissonance – uncomfortable weighing of contradictory thoughts. For example, one can retreat into denial and cling mightily to old preconceived notions, ideologies, etc. While affording a sense of comfort and joy, denial of reality can often lead to delusion and eventually depression. Alternatively, one can construct a new paradigm – create a new map of reality. In other words, discover and embrace the larger picture.

Companion book cvrThe gentleman who graces the cover of our Chrysalis companion book is Aeolus, Master of the Four Winds and Great Cosmic Organizer (and Reorganizer). He’s the fellow whose fair winds saw Odysseus safely home to Ithaca.

In one way or another, we’re all just trying to return safely home to Ithaca, a metaphor for finding one’s true Self. Tarot allegorizes this Hero’s Journey, this epic quest, that animates the spiritual life of countless seekers of truth.

Tarot allegorizes the Hero’s Journey through a particular type of meditation. Meditation techniques have many guises, one of which is called “guided meditation.” This type of meditation, which includes tarot, is more active mentally than Zazen (Buddhist), Yogic (Hindu) or Taoist (Chinese) meditation practices, to mention a few. Meditation using Chrysalis is active participation in writing one’s own personal mythology of self-discovery.

We believe that personal introspection is essential to the Hero’s Journey and that personal introspection requires an honest effort. A Chrysalis Tarot reading of only one card a day can be transformative. It can help one gain perspective; discover and embrace the larger picture, which is benefit #52 of the 100 benefits of meditation. The entire list of 100 is available below in .pdf format courtesy of the Lotus Temple.

Denial is a function of the egoic mind; the more threatened the ego, the more stubborn the denial. Enlightenment (higher consciousness) is a function of surrender and acceptance of change (#97).

“If we only knew what Illusion is, we would then know the opposite: what Truth is. This Truth would liberate us from slavery.” ~ Boris Mouravieff

100 Benefits of Meditation