“Useful Idiots” (Updated and Republished)


A slight departure from our customary Chrysalis Tarot -focused writings, but one with a single yet important purpose; namely to shed some light on the agitating noise and manufactured disharmony we’ve witnessed since the 2016 election and shows no hint of subsiding.

As I’ve written, the world is experiencing the birth throes of a new paradigm – a new worldview or zeitgeist. This cultural revolution has been proclaimed far and wide for many years; it has been anticipated by those we call prophets – those who possess “eyes to see and ears to hear.” A search for “paradigm shift” on Google returns over 8-million hits. The emergent, nascent paradigm, whose characteristics we have only glimpsed, is influencing the events advancing global change. If you can’t articulate at least a rudimentary appreciation of this New Paradigm, making sense of current events is rather daunting. 

It remains to be seen if this new paradigm lives or dies. If it lives, it can usher in a new Golden Age. If not, the pain we will inflict upon ourselves depends upon how well we as a species – and as civilized nations – can command the inevitable winds of change. We’ll eventually make it to a new Golden Age, but there are two routes. Clearly, even those with the most stunted spiritual antennae recognize that humanity’s present course – the status quo – is unsustainable. And this mild assertion has nothing whatsoever to do with the scientific hoax known as a “climate emergency.”

Since the politics of the day is so incendiary, we turn to the politics of the past to make some useful points. This is where the somewhat sinister looking character pictured above enters the picture. He is one Saul Alinsky. He died in 1972 at age 63. As spiritual symmetries and synchronicities would have it, Alinsky’s story includes intriguing parallels to today’s slippery political landscape. 

Alinsky was born in Chicago in 1909 to Jewish immigrants from Russia. Wikipedia calls him an “American community organizer and writer.” He wrote a book in 1971 called Rules for Radicals, which is still considered the bible for community organizing. William Buckley once referred to him as an “organizational genius.” Among his disciples are Barrack O’Bama and Hillary Clinton, et al. Clinton wrote her thesis on Alinsky.

Let’s recount a few of Alinsky’s ideas that he termed “power tactics,” as outlined in his Rules for Radicals, and draw the obvious conclusions.

Here are 5 from his list of 13 (emphasis is mine):

  • Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.
  • A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.
  • Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose (think COVID-19).
  • The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
  • Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

No one can rationally deny that today our society is being polarized for political gain.

Alternatively, perhaps it’s simply better to accept legitimate change, adapt and then move on. America, by the way, also has a rulebook, along with a few suggestions for being a “good American.” It’s known as the Constitution. Dissent and civil disobedience are Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights we all cherish. Wanton disrespect and lawlessness, flames fanned today by Marxist propaganda, not so much.

16-kaliWe live in the Age of Kali, whose ongoing cosmic mission is change through creative destruction. “May you live in interesting times,” the sage cursed. Chrysalis Tarot fans are familiar with Kali, even if we sometimes don’t fully understand her intent or immediately recognize her footprints.

For those who are unfamiliar, Kali is an archetype. Like other archetypes, she resides in the human psyche. Chrysalis Tarot is first and foremost about “archetypal psychology” and the Collective Unconscious. Chrysalis does not promote fortunetelling. We designed Chrysalis to increase individual self-awareness and higher consciousness, as symbolized by Kali’s necklace of skulls, so we might make informed choices.

The “tower” in the image symbolizes the human ego, which is in constant tension with the Higher Self. They are inversely proportional; as ego decreases Higher Self or spiritual awareness increases. This transformative experience is described as spiritual growth, awakening or enlightenment, which are essential to seeing things clearly – to being able to think and reason clearly and critically. Not to be a Useful Idiot married to an ideology rather than to reason.

The Bible calls to mind the theological doctrine of eschatology. In metaphysics, as opposed to religious dogma, this doctrine refers to the study of, and reasons for, profound changes that precede a cosmic evolution of consciousness or paradigm shift. You cannot separate eschatology from paradigm shifts or the evolution of consciousness. Eschatology – the theology of End Times – is a macrocosmic (universal) absolute that informs microcosmic (human) understanding.

The old paradigm, the current dominant worldview, is fading away; the perigee of its demise represents what is often called the “End Times.” What worldview will replace it? The Alinsky-style totalitarianism of a New World Order with problems so humongous that only Big Government can solve them? May God forbid it! 


Two thousand years ago there was another birth – another paradigm shift – that gave name to what we now call the “Common Era (CE).” Back then, before the present era became common, the eschatology of John the Baptist, a Jewish prophet, was apocalyptic.

The eschatology of Jesus, another a Jewish prophet and John’s cousin, was about the coming of a “New Kingdom” (a new paradigm). Paradigm shifts always reconcile and reset what’s known as the tension of opposites. A tension of opposites, say freedom vs. slavery, is like stretched rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle, to paraphrase Morrie Schwartz.

It is not my intention to preach yet another facile Sunday School lesson by making references to John and Jesus. I’m a spiritual naturalist, after all, who considers organized religions to at best be a harvest of instructive metaphors and mythologies, not of literal, absolute truths. I wish simply to remind the reader that at its core, the situation today in America and the world is spiritual in nature and far more complex than the threadbare left vs. right political polemics or sectarian religious zeal one might believe.

“In political parlance, a useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of (such as Marxism) and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.” ~ Wikipedia

On a positive note, one name being given to the New Paradigm is Re-Enchantment.  The best primer I’ve come across on the subject is titled, “The Re-Enchantment of the World,” by Morris Berman. It’s available inexpensively in mass market paperback. 

In 2022, I’ll begin a new series on the metaphysical aspects of re-enchantment and how Chrysalis Tarot might be useful in understanding and perhaps in transitioning to this new world view. 

N.B. For additional insight into the term “Useful Idiots,” I recommend this piece from an excellent Word Press blog called Sheeplywolves. 


© Toney Brooks, 2017, 2021

Who is Mary?

Bartolome Murillo’s The Assumption of Mary (detail), circa 1680. The Hermitage, St Petersburg.

In the Chrysalis schema, Mary is the ultimate archetype of the Great Mother Goddess. (The Vatican, on the other hand, does not see it this way.) Other deities that represent the Divine Feminine and who are included in the Chrysalis pantheon include the primordial Earth Goddess, Gaia, Ariadne, Brighid, Kali and Bastet. Such prominent inclusion of the Divine Feminine archetype and consequently her energy are very important aspects that set Chrysalis Tarot apart.

We chose today to publish this blog since yesterday, Sunday August 15th, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary was celebrated. The Assumption is an important feast day in the church and also a date Chrysalis users should cement in their conscious awareness. Chrysalis considers the Assumption of Mary an apotheosis; she should be regarded by us as an integral, inseparable aspect of the Divine, which sadly is viewed by our civilization as entirely patriarchal. Patriarchal societies always evolve patriarchal gods.

Were we to define “Chrysalis mysticism,” the Divine Feminine would be its foundation stone. In Jewish theological thought, particularly mystical Kabbalism, the Divine Feminine is known as the Shekinah. It was the Shekinah who led the Jews out of exile – her divine presence dwelled with and within them and often was symbolized as a blinding, extraordinary light, just she is on a number of Chrysalis cards, for example, Storyteller, Chrysalis Tarot’s unique interpretation of the Shekinah.

Joshua passing the River Jordan with the Ark of the Covenant (1800), by Benjamin West.

Whenever we derive genuine inspiration from a reading and are honestly unable to attribute the inspiration to our own ego, the Shekinah is speaking to us via one of her many spiritual surrogates and archetypes.

Much more about the Shekinah can be found in the Chrysalis Tarot companion book. This is from Tali Goodwin’s Introduction:

“I was also able to appreciate how it [Chrysalis] wove seamlessly the spiritual
essentials drawn in other decks, particularly the presence of the Shekinah,
such an intrinsic yet barely mentioned mystery of the Waite-
Smith and Waite-Trinick Tarot images. I am impressed by how such
concepts are here raised from religious constraints and placed in a
space from which we can all draw, universally and compassionately,
through the images of the deck.”

© Toney Brooks, 2021

Mass Psychosis

“The mind craves distraction so much that it becomes quite adept at forging illusions. Illusion is the ego’s trick to prevent you from becoming a seeker of truth.”

That quote comes from our Chrysalis Tarot Companion book. The Illusionist card emphasizes what can happen to a person – even to a society – when the quest for truth and objective reality is abandoned. When we sacrifice facts to feelings and dogma, religious or political, we are on the road to delusion.

In the world today we bear witness to a pandemic of delusion, a psychic epidemic so grisly that this warped condition of the psyche presents a clear and present danger to humanity itself. Delusion is a psychogenic disorder – one caused by the mind; there is no physical infectious agent.

What societal conditions allow widespread delusion to metastasize into full-fledged mass psychosis? The answer is a simple: Fear plus hate and division festering among an ill-informed and insecure population with an astonishingly low self-awareness.

Psychiatrist Joost Meerloo argued in his book Rape of the Mind:

“. . .the totalitarian systems of the 20th century represent a kind of collective psychosis. Whether gradually or suddenly, reason and common human decency are no longer possible in such a system: there is only a pervasive atmosphere of terror, and a projection of “the enemy,” imagined to be “in our midst.” Thus society turns on itself, urged on by the ruling authorities.”

The most menacing “infectious agent” employed by “the ruling authorities” is propaganda, a witches brew concocted of lies and twisted truths. Our media is filled with it! Such propaganda seeks to divide society. That portion of society still able to think critically and seek truth is bemused while the mentally ill and deluded portion is enraged: they simply cannot bear to have their false worldview – which is their religion – questioned.

A Chrysalis enthusiast once asked if Chrysalis was “anti-Catholic.”

I responded that Chrysalis isn’t about “correct beliefs” but rather about personal growth – the process Carl Jung termed individuation. Tarot can be a useful adjunct to all religious beliefs, as Jung explained:

“These four functional [personality] types [represented by tarot’s four suits] correspond to the obvious means by which consciousness obtains its orientation to experience. Sensation (i.e. sense perception) tells us that something exists; thinking tells you what it is; feeling tells you whether it is agreeable or not; and intuition tells you whence it comes and where it is going.”

Sensation = Stones; Thinking = Scrolls; Feeling = Mirrors and Intuition = Spirals.

Arthur Waite, mystic and co-creator of the Rider-Waite tarot, noted tarot provides a gateway to universal truths embedded in the Collective Unconscious. Chrysalis holds that the Divine Child archetype symbolizes your Higher Self and consequently is your personal spiritual director and co-seeker of truth – your inner voice.

While Chrysalis may be agnostic regarding religion, we stand in firm opposition to dogma. We believe dogma – political and religious – stymies personal and spiritual growth and hinders critical thinking.

Past societies that suffered mass psychosis include the authoritarian societies of the 1920s and 30s. Leaders of authoritarian societies (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, et al.) do not concern themselves with seeking truth, rather they seek power and authority over every aspect of daily life. Frankly, America’s political class act a good deal like the evildoers of the 20s and 30s.

“Indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious” [Jung] wrote, “that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer but man himself who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes.” ~ Carl Jung, The Symbolic Life

Chrysalis Tarot was crafted to help you effectively integrate (become consciously aware of) the powerful forces of your psyche via keen discernment, critical thinking, humility and intuition. Note that the emotions of mass psychosis are all low frequency emotions: fear, hate, divisiveness and anger. Don’t expect truth from this lot – only lies.

© Toney Brooks, 2021

The Paradigm Shift and Bitcoin

Botticelli’s Primavera is probably one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. It is emblematic of the paradigm shift that birthed our Modern World. Primavera calls the Uffizi Museum in Florence her home. The painting’s timely theme is the arrival of spring, which is one reason it headlines this March blog. Actually, this article is as much a macroeconomic newsletter as it is a Chrysalis blog. We’ll turn to the news and editorial sections directly.

But first, to reacquaint you with Primavera we start on the left side of the painting with the first of the nine figures in the orange-grove party scene. Carefree Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, seems preoccupied in a world of his own as he announces, “Spring has arrived!” by pointing to transient clouds. The Three Graces frolic merrily in a circle in front of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty who occupies center stage as Cupid aims his arrow from above. Flora, the fertility goddess of spring and youth, wears a garland of festive flowers, a floral dress and sprinkles rose petals on the ground.

These last two figures suggest one reason this artwork is particularly relevant to Chrysalis. Flora is depicted being transformed from the nymph on her left by Zephyr who marries and transforms her. (The Medicis, a wealthy Florentine banking family, commissioned this painting as a wedding gift.) Zephyr, who personifies the west wind, hovers above the nymph to symbolize the transition to springtime. Today, Primavera recalls to mind a paradigm shift to those better days we know as the Italian Renaissance, a movement that began in the 15th century and transitioned the Middle Ages into the modern world of enlightenment. Nothing escaped change.

The paradigm shift which Chrysalis was conceived to prophesize is the shift from the modern world to whatever comes next. Future generations will define it. But lets not bog ourselves down in murky modernization theory.

The goddess Flora has a sister named Fauna, as you likely guessed. Fauna is the fertility goddess of wildlife and the woodlands. In Chrysalis we conflated Flora and Fauna to beget Gaia, who oversees all life in Earth’s biosphere. In fact, Gaia is both a goddess and a scientific theory, as we detailed in the Chrysalis companion book. Gaia Theory posits that she maintains optimal conditions to support life in Earth’s biosphere.

All life on earth contributes information and energy to Gaia’s feedback loop. For reasons sufficient unto herself, Gaia presides over the transitioning of our society to green energy. We should embrace that truth whether we accept the prevalent theory of anthropomorphic (human caused) catastrophic global warming or not; the metaphysics of the proposition are what’s important, not the politics.

In fact if Gaia repeatedly appears in your readings, she might be imploring you to focus more on the big picture. Whatever the issue, there is usually a bigger picture worth considering. You will not discover truth in political slogans intended primarily to manipulate your mind and control your behavior. Chrysalis is about developing and using critical thinking skills with divine assistance from archetypes of the Collective Unconscious who speak to us via our inner voice.

In addition to Gaia, we should assign additional attributes and qualities to two other Chrysalis cards. These two cards are important when coming to grips with the New Paradigm and the creative destruction that will accompany it. In financial circles, “creative destruction” is now expressed as “disruptive technology.” That’s not only more sanguine but it better describes what’s really happening – the facts on the ground, so to speak.


We – the world – are rapidly moving toward a cashless society. The tipping point or Minsky Moment lies in the offing. It is being called The Great Reset. The Great Reset is necessary because all global currencies are in a massive state of decline well past a point of no return. For example, 40% of all dollars printed in the 200+ year history of the U.S. have been printed in just the last 15 or so months.

The card below signifies the enormous amount of energy – 70% of it green energy – at work in cyberspace. It’s name is Bitcoin and it will provide the monetary transportation/impetus needed for the Great Reset. Bitcoin is backed by enormous amounts of energy and, to repeat myself, 70% of it is green energy. If you see this card popping up in your readings, it’s urging you to inform yourself with the basic facts of blockchain technology and crypto currency.

One rather pleasant consequence of the new paradigm’s cashless society powered by digital currencies is there will be no debt. All debt will be wiped out by the Great Reset, although the central banks may seek (unsuccessfully) to utilize debt as the monetary bedrock of the future paradigm.

This card asks you to recognize that the Great Reset, as well as Bitcoin itself for that matter, are trains that have already left the station. Resistance is futile, although some “old timers” who remain mired in the old paradigm will continue to fret about “how are we going to pay for all this stimulus?” We aren’t.

If new paradigms promised smooth rides, we might not have designed Chrysalis as “transformational technology.” The folks who will at least have a smoother ride are those able to heed their inner voices and silence the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) constantly shouted by the world around us.

Remember, the media are clueless so do your own research. Draw your own conclusions.

Aeolus (left), Master of the Four Winds, is a card and a mythology you should get to know better. It was Aeolus who guided Odysseus safely home to Ithaca. We picked Aeolus to be the cover art for our Chrysalis companion book:

“Aeolus is pictured on the Nine of Spirals with an astrolabe, a device used at sea for navigation. An astrolabe measures not the speed or direction of the wind, but rather the position of heavenly bodies such as the moon and stars.

“On the Nine of Spirals, the astrolabe foresees the gentle breeze of the Age of Aquarius entwined with the last snarling gusts of the Age of Pisces. The ramifications of such a shift are stupendous!”

Aeolus chose Zephyr, the west wind, to guide Odysseus home just as Botticelli chose Zephyr to symbolize the transition into springtime. Allow Aeolus to help you navigate the turbulent winds and waters of the paradigm shift we clearly see in the offing.

© Toney Brooks 2021

At the Nexus of Good and Evil

Good vs Evil by ladyrapid on DeviantArt

A metaphysical nexus is defined as a shadowy, reactive juncture of two of more things. The two things in this instance are the metaphysical concepts of Good and Evil, two terms that are much more difficult to define. Philosophers have been trying for years with diverse results. For our purposes here, we associate good with the dominant presence of order and evil with the dominant presence of disorder or chaos.

Like everything in the universe, these two concepts may be expressed in terms of frequency and vibration. Good is among the higher order of frequencies and evil is among the lower, e.g. good is love, evil is hate. Good is healing; evil is destructive. Confidence and calmness are good; fear and loathing are evil. The reason we humans now find ourselves staring down this nexus is because the levels of fear, hate and disunity in the world are off the charts. By my historical reckoning, in the past such extraordinary levels of fear and hate were last experienced during and immediately prior to the American Revolution, the Civil War and the twin crises of the Great Depression and World War II.

In Chrysalis there are, by design, no low-frequency negative archetypes. Several cards, such as Bella Rosa and Ariadne, symbolize the shadow or dark side of the psyche, which we each possess. Spiritual growth (a good thing) requires that we integrate our shadow-self and not repress who we really are. Since shadow work is not the upshot of this piece, here’s a helpful introduction to the topic.

Kali (left) is the Hindu mother-goddess archetype of creative destruction, which can be envisaged as the crafty yet measured use of chaos to kick start some eventual greater good or higher purpose.

I used to think that a measured use of chaos was precisely what lies ahead in these stormy days and it still may well be. However, what I now intuit is a far greater and unrestrained triumph over good by the dragon of evil, as shown above. So the upshot of this blog is to offer suggestions on how to cope with this darkness and perhaps even how to mitigate it.

Holly wisely included the all-seeing Third Eye of Horus in our Kali art – don’t let Kali’s string of skulls frighten you, they symbolize higher consciousness. The Third Eye when activated represents our first and foremost coping mechanism for the chaotic times we are experiencing today. We discuss how to activate your Third Eye a few paragraphs below.

Time can be reckoned in one of three distinct ways: chaotic, cyclical or linear.¹ To focus your Third Eye on what lies in the offing, what we call Kali’s Crazy Puzzle, we must appeal to cyclical time; prophecy and precognition are in part a reinterpretation of historical patterns filtered by a healthy dose of intuition. The Third Eye (6th chakra) is the mystical conduit for human intuition.

From our Chrysalis Companion Book: [Kali’s] Third Eye reminds us to use intuition and always to remain open to new ways of thinking. Such openness is the key to locating the all-important cornerpieces in Kali’s Crazy Puzzle. Cornerpieces can help you identify situations in life, e.g. people, beliefs, bad habits, etc., that have become obstacles to self-fulfillment. Kali will then motivate you to act appropriately and in your best interest. Like a jigsaw puzzle, Kali hides her solutions in plain sight.

“Our lives are shaped by creative and subjective forces that can only be intuited by the Third Eye. The unicorn’s horn symbolizes the bridge of perception that connects our world to the Otherworld.”

Recall that the word Otherworld refers to the spiritual Akashic Field, a vast unseen storehouse of information situated in the aether. The Third Eye can gain access, the consciousness can not. When activated, the Third Eye can glean the immediate future with varying degrees of clarity via meditation, prayer, yoga and other “bridge of perception” relaxation-response techniques.

As you know, Chrysalis Tarot was designed to help you develop your innate intuitive skills and creative imagination. In Chrysalis, the Suit of Scrolls corresponds to the element of Air. In traditional tarot this suit is called the Suit of Swords. Chrysalis’ Scroll cards represent the fine qualitative balance between the intellect – your attitudes and beliefs – and intuition. As I noted above, the intellect should remain open to new ideas and new ways of thinking in order to stimulate spiritual growth and encourage self-awareness so that you can make sense of your life.

In times of chaos, events unfold in no discernable path; the essential nature of chaos is randomness. This is surely one reason many of us feel ill at ease in these days. There is no way to foresee where today’s hate and fear will lead. The only thing we know for certain is that it’s better not to go there.

If you are one of the many among us experiencing trumped up levels of fear and hate, do try to chill out and regain perspective. The ego-driven incivility and cultural contempt infecting media and the body politic is repulsive. Moreover, it is dangerous not only to one’s personal health – both physical and spiritual – but to society as a whole.

View of the Washington Monument and the National World War II Memorial with its Pearl Harbor Dedication, Washington, DC

¹A book about historical cycles you might enjoy reading: The Fourth Turning

© Toney Brooks 2021

Sa Sekhem Sahu

Egyptian mysticism played an important role in the development of Chrysalis Tarot and plays an equally important role in its daily use. At least a rudimentary understanding of Egyptian mysticism can be useful in understanding Chrysalis Tarot’s shamanic attributes and how these attributes help you grow spiritually. I’ll return to Egyptian mysticism and Ma’at directly.

First and foremost among the objectives addressed by Chrysalis is spiritual growth. (Spiritual growth has nothing to do with religion. Indeed, religious dogma often stymies spiritual growth.) Spiritual growth is defined by Chrysalis as the awareness of conscious and unconscious Self in the physical or worldly realm and the awareness of how Self functions or interacts in the ethereal or imaginal realm.

Joan Forest Mage is a shamanic practitioner and teacher in Chicago. This is a link to an excellent piece she wrote about shamanism a few years back. You can follow Joan on Facebook.

If you’ve been feeling “out of sorts” of late, welcome to a very large club. The world is out of balance and in dire need of healing. Consequently, when nature itself is out of balance we humans are similarly affected. We heal the world by healing ourselves; by growing spiritually.

Just as Skehmet is Ma’at’s guardian, Ma’at is our guardian. It is she who maintains cosmic balance. The mantra used to invoke Skehmet is “Sa Sekhem Sahu.” It means, “With each breath spiritual energy enters my being.” The word Sa means the breath of life. It’s Sanskrit equivalent is prana, a more familiar word. Sekhem is the feminine Divine energy or Universal Life Force that animates Sahu, which translates to spiritual awareness.

Each of us is called to mysticism – to become a mystic. We accomplish this feat over many years of study and by always being open to Sekhem. In Egyptian mysticism, which influenced and inspired all mystical traditions, we allow Skehmet to devour us symbolically and to reemerge in a glorious rebirth of spiritual transformation. In Chrysalis, this spiritual rebirth is symbolized by Psyche, a word that means both soul and butterfly in Greek.

One aspect of being a well informed mystic I have not written a great deal about is what science refers to as retrocausality and anomalous psychology refers to as precognition. It’s a straightforward notion: the future influences the present. That is the cornerstone of quantum cosmology. Indeed, past, present and future are all inexorably entangled. It’s a fascinating topic well presented in Robert Lanza’s best-selling book, “Beyond Biocentrism.”

“The future influences the present just as much as the past.” ~ Nietzsche

“We no longer have the luxury of learning only from the past – we must also download information from the future in order to be fully present, fully conscious, in our most embodied and best self now.” ~ Linda Star Wolf

© Toney Brooks 2020

The Nature of Evil

The image below is of a bronze sculpture of Baphomet. You may recognize the image as the inspiration for the Devil tarot card in the Ryder-Waite deck. The sculpture was commissioned by the Satanic Temple in 2015, although the original image dates from the 1860s and is attributed to the French occultist Éliphas Lévi. 

We won’t delve into the esoteric symbolism pictured here. There’s no point. I simply selected this particular image to introduce the Chrysalis worldview’s position regarding evil. No worldview can be complete unless it broaches this topic.

Evil exists in the world because we are all capable of it, just as we are all capable of doing good. As long as good outweighs existential evil, the world is a happy, mostly peaceful place.

Each of us is capable of evil because the genetic makeup of our psyche includes an evil archetype, such as Baphomet, or perhaps even several. Most of us intuitively seek to keep that archetype in check. In other words, not to feed it energy, at least not willfully. The Satanic Temple and many others, however, willfully feed the beast and do so regularly.

Therefore Chrysalis Tarot regards evil as archetypal without appealing to the supernatural. Moreover, the Chrysalis Worldview rejects supernaturalism in favor of preternaturalism (existing outside of nature). Psychic phenomena are, for example, preternatural and spiritual.

Evil energy is very low frequency energy, ranking below even the negative energies of hate, fear, envy, etc., which are all in the 0-100 range, as illustrated above. It’s this very low-frequency energy of chaos and disorder that fragments the psyche and in extreme cases presents as a pathological condition, e.g. a serial killer.

The archetypes in Chrysalis Tarot were selected and painted to elicit positive energies, promote positive energies and raise individual self-awareness, hence consciousness and enlightenment.

However, rising levels of intolerance, self-righteousness and contemptuousness in society today, not to mention willful blindness, sound shrill echoes of the breeding grounds of anger, hate and violence that almost destroyed Europe and other parts of the world in the 1930s and 40s.

We can only hope that sordid chapter of human history is not repeated in coming years. For if it is, Armageddon will be on our doorstep.

Whenever you feel anxious or stressed, activate your heart chakra to lift your spirits. One quick way to do this is to express gratitude.

Heart Chakra by Nayamoon Art

© Toney Brooks 2020

‘Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones’

“There is no future. There is no past. Do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet.” ~ Alan Moore, Watchmen

I’ve been paying due attention to the Book of Daniel as of late. Well, ever since the recent address by Archbishop Vigano, which is available on YouTube – here. (I explain why in a footnote below¹.)

In Daniel, Watchers are angelic beings who serve as the sentinels of Earth. In other words, they keep watch over us and keep us informed in regard to the bigger picture. The Watcher archetype helps us to grasp more than just a single facet of the Grand Design.

What is the Grand Design? Who wrote it? The Grand Design is the ultimate potentiality for us Earthlings. It was “written” by the Nexus of all Universal Archetypes, a vast energy field theologians instruct us to refer to as God and physicists instruct us, well, to ignore.

In philosophy, that (false) choice is known as the Fallacy of Exhaustive Hypothesis; not all possible choices were stated. Let’s examine the ‘choice’ or the approach imbued within the Chrysalis schema, an alternative choice that helps our users approach and understand the Grand Design.

Laurie Blake, Watchmen (1984)

Chrysalis instructs us to approach the Grand Design or bigger picture by employing intuition and active imagination in problem solving. As Moore noted in Watchmen, “We’re all puppets, Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.” In other words, the narrator, Rorschach, is a mystic and a watcher. Indeed, all watchers are mystics and all mystics do see more than most. Much more, in fact, including the ‘strings,’ a metaphor for the inspirations that inform the consciousness.

Let’s return for a moment to the “jewel” that Moore referred to in our opening quote. In Buddhism, this “jewel” is known as Indra’s Net. It is a metaphor for the interconnectivity and interbeing of all things, one of the cornerstones of Chrysalis (and Buddhist) philosophy: everyone is connected to past, present and future probabilities. We delve into greater detail on Indra’s Net in the Chrysalis Companion book.

“Indra’s Net is very much related to interbeing. Very basically, interbeing refers to a teaching that all of existence is a vast nexus of causes and conditions, constantly changing, in which everything is interconnected to everything else.” ~ Barbara O’Brien, Indra’s Jewel Net.

During these difficult times, I urge you to widen your perspective through meditation, tarot, yoga, prayer, dream analysis – whatever your favorite modalities for self-centering happen to be. Egocentrism isn’t one of them.


¹In spiritual warfare, at least in the Western World in which we live, a metaphysical correlation exists between the sacred and the profane ('as above so below'). In our civilization, the sacred is represented by Christianity, hence Catholicism. Although I consider myself a free thinker, it is useful to analyze and interpret events in both arenas side-by-side. I conclude there is as much, if not more, turmoil, corruption and evil in the institutional Church today as in the postmodern secular world. Accordingly, I keep a close watch, so to speak, on Vatican news and commentary, particularly from those who, like both myself and Archbishop Vigano, believe the current pope is in grave error, i.e. is heretical. I expound on this thesis in my other blog, Apostles of the Last Days, which can be viewed here.

© Toney Brooks, 2020

What Evil Lurks

Enthusiasts of Vintage Radio programs will recognize the opening line of The Shadow as the inspiration for this blog’s title: “Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?”

So, what exactly is the origin of evil in the world? What underpins it? Could evil, in fact, really be caused by a red-tailed cosmic cartoon character run amuck on mankind? Or might it proceed from so-called “original sin,” an accursed spiritual birth defect ostensibly passed down to us from Eve?

Well, the “problem of evil” can get rather complicated.

However, the problem becomes far less complicated when you replace theological allegories with depth psychology, quantum physics and the scientifically proven universal interconnectedness of all things, both good and evil. Ironically, spiritual growth is actually stunted when theological allegories are taken too literally, but that’s another topic for another time; spiritual growth is dependent upon keen conscious awareness, reason and rationality.

In physics, good and evil are analogous to order and disorder, or chaos. Chaos serves as a touchstone to measure the amount of disorder (entropy) and, consequently, the quanta of negative energy plaguing the world at any given time. Unquestionably there is more negativity, fear and uncertainty in the world today – more furious negative vortices – than at any time in our history since the Second World War. And the situation appears to be getting worse.

A vortex is an emergent property of energy. It can ossify into either a positive or negative force that can fester and grow or just fade away of its own accord if not replenished. Too many negative vortices are festering and growing. They swirl in search of sustenance – more negativity, fear and foolhardy behavior.

Positive energy vortices, on the other hand, are palpable at such revered sites as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Sedona along with various other venerated locations across the globe. You yourself are a micro-vortex of energy – and there’s the rub. Each of us is naturally susceptible, and some of us perhaps even prone, to being imperiled by negative vibrations. We are then in danger of becoming negative vortices ourselves unless we mount a spiritual defense by refortifying our natural auric center.

Irrational fear is chiefly responsible for our current dilemma. Throughout the ages it has been the weapon of choice for propagandists. The wanton manipulation of populations through fear fueled by lies and deception is itself inherently evil.

Fear and hate are the bottom feeders among energy fields of negative vibrations. I imagine “apocalyptic fear” ranks even lower. Other notable negative vibrations result from anger, anxiety, stress, envy, lust and shock, which is a sudden psychic jolt of debilitating emotion and/or trauma.

A vortex of negative energy affects not only those overwhelmed by it, but also those who come in contact with that colorless aura. For example, an elderly couple enjoying a quiet meal in a restaurant are suddenly accosted by ANTIFA thugs. Those who stumble across the video replay on social media are shocked and repulsed. Such negativity can fester inside and spread to others like a noxious weed. Social media is particularly apt at this.

As we approach what looks more and more to be a global tipping point, maintaining one’s center becomes vital. Just as vital is the need to produce positive energy via positive thoughts, prayers, meditation, nature walks, friends and family connections – whatever you generally do to regain your center and maintain peace and order in your life is now more vital than ever.

This lurking evil proceeds from an archetype that is increasing in efficacy. Gird your defenses with spiritual protection like Chrysalis Tarot (all our archetypes are positive). In our next blog we will identify and characterize this evil archetype now being activated and sustained in so many unwitting people. This archetype, lurking in the shadow-side of everyone’s psyche, is being worshipped and invoked by many servile, disaffected, power hungry souls and evildoers, particularly those in the corrupt twin towers of evil – the Deep State and the Deep Church (Vatican).

We are entering a period of spiritual warfare writ large. Meditate, pray and safeguard your inner peace. Bless you.

© Toney Brooks, 2020

The Mystery of Inequity – Oops!

That title, taken from the Bible, refers to the existence of evil in the world, or in philosophical and theological terminology, “The Problem of Evil.”

I’m currently dizzy from writing an academic paper on this subject, which is why I mistakenly published a newspaper reprint on the Chrysalis Tarot blog that had nothing much to do with Chrysalis. I intended the piece for another blog I publish, which, should anyone wish to read the article regardless, it can be found here.

While I immediately deleted the wayward reprint from ChrysalisTarot.com, it did find its way via email to my Chrysalis subscribers. I apologize for the miscue. We live in dizzying times, eh?

That said, it may be worth noting that evil in the world becomes activated and animated in the human psyche by an archetype popularly (and incorrectly) referred to as Satan. The fraught attributes and characteristics commonly associated with “Satan the Cosmic Boogeyman” provide us with little more than a convenient scapegoat for evildoing and the customary mind-bending simplistic pronouncements girded up by religious dogma.

What lies behind the reality of evil in the world is far more complex. Its true explanations fall squarely in the realm of depth psychology and quantum physics and not apologetics.