Chrysalis Tarot was named Tarosophy’s 2014 Deck of the Year and has received two coveted COVR Awards.

The deck by bestselling author Toney Brooks and artist Holly Sierra is published by U.S. Games Systems. Chrysalis Tarot and the separate Chrysalis companion book are available from Amazon and other booksellers, including most metaphysical bookstores near you. For FREE worldwide (and fast) delivery, we recommend The Book Depository in London.

The highly regarded Chrysalis Tarot app developed by The Fool’s Dog is available for all iOS and Android devices.

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  1. Hi! I own both the physical book and the app. If you ever create a companion book with a borderless. I will purchase that as well. Beautiful work great for personal use…. HOWEVER… the borders make it a bit distracting for clients in readings.

    Thank you for taking the time to great this deck it is great! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking time to comment, Blue! The new companion book will be published in a week or so at Amazon and sold either separately or as part of a boxed set (later on). Some users like the borders, others don’t. As of now, there are no plans to publish a differently styled physical deck.

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  2. Hi toney! I just bought the deck on January 19ireally love the artwork and overall concept but i wanted to know if the chrysalis tarot is against the Catholic church?

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    1. Thanks for your kind words about the deck, Patricia. I’m not sure what you mean by “against.” We’re certainly not against any religion, per se, but did try to steer clear of all forms of dogmatism, both religious and scientific. That said, Chrysalis can best be described as embracing pantheistic, nature based spiritually. Great question. Thanks!

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  3. I’m new to using tarot cards, but I was drawn to your deck. I’m having some trouble though, what do I do with reversed cards? does their meaning change? and if so where do I find the reversed meaning for this deck?

    Thank you so much, such a beautiful deck 🙂

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    1. We designed the card backs so people who wish to use reversals can, but we don’t encourage such use. Chrysalis art is nuanced and rich with symbolism. When it’s upside down, all that is lost. We regard tarot as a conversation with the Otherworld and the human psyche, not as something to be “decoded.” An upside down card has no intrinsic meaning other than somebody returned it to the deck carelessly. Chrysalis helps develop intuition, active imagination and self understanding, the only traits required to interpret a reading. Thanks for your question and kind words about Chrysalis.

      With Chrysalis, a tarot reading is the telephone not the conversation.


  4. ¿Cuándo lo tendremos en español? ¡Lo esperamos con mucha ilusión! ¡Felicitaciones por tan bella obra! ¡Un cálido abrazo desde Argentina!

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  5. Hi Toney. I love your deck. Do you or Holly do readings? If so, how does that work? Please let me know. Love the art, depth, and magic. Thank you for sharing your gifts.



  6. Hello Mr Brooks, I like this wonderful deck very much, but I still have some difficulty in unstanding The Storyteller, could you tell me whether it is a specific figure like The Greenman, or just the common “storyteller” which means a narrator?


    1. Hi Steven. Thanks for your question and kind words about Chrysalis. The Green Man is himself a composite archetype who has two aspects. He’s the Oak King during half of the year and the Holly King during the other half. Likewise, Storyteller is a composite.

      She represents the shaman that dwells within us all. Her stories serve as pathways to enlightenment for her community, tribe or initiates. In this regard, she is the antithesis of a hermit. When we privately tap into our inner shaman, Storyteller helps us create our own personal myth and pathway to higher consciousness and true Self.

      The new companion book goes into greater detail on all our Chrysalis archetypes. Storyteller even has her own chapter titled “Storyteller’s Vision Quest.”

      Chrysalis was designed to help us learn how to converse with the unseen world. Doing so transforms egoic consciousness into authentic Self.


  7. I bought this deck a couple of years back and lost the instruction book. I am not sure I am correlating the cards correctly. Can you let me know if I am right? Are the stones/pentacles strolls/wand spirals/swords and mirrors/cups?


      1. I returned to your blog to see if my question was answered because I am doing a reading.Are the stones/pentacles strolls/wand spirals/swords and mirrors/cups?

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  8. Hello, I bought recently on amazon.fr this beautiful deck and would like to plastify the spread sheet included in the box. For this, I will need the digital pdf version of the spread sheet. I would very much appreciate receiving it by email (it’s only for my personal use!). Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes, Milena


  9. Hi Toney, This is a wonderful deck, so beautifully prepared and its a pleasure to work with it. I love the energy in the cards, the use of colour and the entire layout of the designs. Thank you and Holly for bringing such a visually vibrant deck. i have just started working with it and am learning to delve deeper into the cards. Beautiful deck !!!!!!


    1. Nandini, Thanks so very much for your comment! Chrysalis is a very talkative deck that teaches its users how to listen to their higher selves. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with it.


  10. Hi, I hope you’re still checking these comments, since I couldn’t find a “contact” link on your site. 😉

    I am in the process of creating an ebook/workshop for my community (Fairbanks, Alaska), introducing tarot as a tool for personal growth and discovery (and paying attention for problem solving).

    Do you have a standard policy for permission (or where/when you give permission) to use your card images for illustrative purposes? I hope to gather permission for a handful of decks so I won’t have to display the whole of any one creator’s work (unless that’s preferred, in which case that’s great, too!).

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Thanks for contacting us, Amy. Certainly, you may use Chrysalis card images. We only ask that you include attribution. Thank you for including Chrysalis in your curriculum and best wishes.

      If you have any specific questions about a card, please ask.



  11. Hola! quisiera saber si hay opciones de acceder al libro en español, no he encontrado a nadie en Chile que me pueda orientar para aprender a leer este tarot, es mi primer mazo y me enamoré de él, y solo quiero aprender. Les agradezco mucho algun tipo de ayuda, saludos


  12. Carolina, lo siento. No hay traducción al español disponible en este momento. Nuestro editor presta atención a estas solicitudes, por lo que es posible que desee escribirles. Gracias por utilizar Chrysalis Tarot.

    Lynn Araujo ( lynn@usgamesinc.com )
    U.S. Games Systems
    179 Ludlow St.
    Stamford, CT 06902


  13. i love this deck! the illustrations are beautiful and so far every reading has been very accurate and helpful. i am very new to this however, and i’m having a hard time understanding what the artiste card means for me. is there any way you could go more into depth about the card? i don’t know if it’s supposed to represent an actual person in my life or does she represent something deeper?

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  14. Jessica, Thank you for your question and kind words about Chrysalis. I’m glad you’re enjoying your deck. All members of The Troupe can represent someone in your life, including a complete stranger, or “something deeper,” as you suggested, or even simply to symbolize inspiration/imagination/intuition. If the card resonates with you more so than other Troupe cards, The Artiste is someone in your life or perhaps an ancestor tapping on your shoulder. If that’s the case, it likely has to do with trusting and following your instincts.

    You might find our Chrysalis Companion book useful. It offers greater detail on all the cards and the Chrysalis worldview. https://amzn.to/2N6PnKt


    1. thank you so so much for taking the time to explain! it was very helpful. and i got my deck at a local shop so i had no idea there was a book to go along with it! i will definitely check it out thank you again!


  15. I am a new reader and been using the Rider Waite tarot deck. I feel very comfortable with that deck and wanted to expand my reading capabilities. I was so drawn to your cards..I love them! I want to be sure that I read accurately and as the cards intended. If the cards come up reversed, does that give the card the opposite meaning or does the meaning of the card remain the same? Thank you so much!


    1. Kat, thanks for your question and your kind words about Chrysalis. Our deck is unique in many ways and departs from the customary rote style of using tarot. In other words, Chrysalis engenders a “conversation” with the Otherworld. There are no ambiguities, no “coded” messages; a “reversed” Chrysalis card means only that someone returned it to the deck upside down. 😉

      Our companion book can be quite useful in understanding Chrysalis’ emphasis on intuition and imagination in conversing with the Otherworld via your higher self.

      Good fortune on your journey, Kat. Please let me know if I can be of further help. Toney


  16. Hello Toney! Just a little note to say I am enjoying the deck a lot! I just got the app a few days ago. May I ask, is the text in the app the same as in the actual book? Or does the book itself have extra chapters? Due to an impairment in my hands i can`t hold any physical deck or a book. I searched for a Kindle/Epub version of the book and would love to hear if that will come out! Meanwhile i hope the text in the app is same as the book? Kindly, Eveline


    1. Eve, Good to hear you’re enjoying your Chrysalis experience! The text in the app is the same as the Little White Book that comes with every physical deck. The companion book, however, is a couple of hundred pages. Unfortunately, it is not available in a digital or audio book version at this time. Maybe one day if the publisher sees fit. Best wishes, Toney


  17. Hi Toney! I am very new to Tarot, Chrysalis is my first deck ever, and I’m finding it quite amazing! I have both the deck and the app.. I use the app more as a reference as I find it quicker, but I don’t draw cards on it as I feel my energy and intention would be better/ clearer to a deck when I hold it..

    I need help with interpretation, however, as I know I have to use my intuition but I also know that the description you have for the card has is there for a reason.. I’d like to have a good balance between my intuition (which I realize may be clouded sometimes if I have an underlying emotion), and reading the meaning you have for each card.. Was wondering if you can help me out with this, please 🙂

    An example would be reading a past, present, future, further future.. I got Bella Rosa, Kali, Sun and Merlin.. I didn’t have much doubts with Bella Rosa and Merlin, but I feel like I second guessed the other two.. The actual situation presently is actually a bit of a mess, so I feel the depiction of chaos in Kali is quite accurate, but the meaning says that signifies ‘new beginnings’; so that’s good, but I didn’t feel it to be very conclusive, I feel I’m led to take one day at a time in this messy situation, and let things unfold. Kali is then followed by the sun – whose tear I may may have read into more than I should. I know that the sun is a very positive card, but seeing the tear made me feel unease, instead of happiness for what future brings. So I don’t know if I’ll tell myself to look forward to it or not..

    So this is just an example of a recent reading, and I really want to get better without second guessing myself, and would appreciate any advice with this regard.. Also, what do you have to say about letting things sit for a while, as the reading would seem to have a clearer meaning in a day or two than when I tried to ready it then and there.

    Your insight would be greatly appreciated!

    With Love,

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    1. Thanks for writing, Danie. First, it’s a good idea indeed to reflect upon powerful readings for a few days. Here’s my interpretation. It would appear you’re struggling with letting go of something that has the potential of being significantly harmful. If that’s indeed the case, my spiritual advice is do not compromise your values. Do what your heart tells you. Merlin is not particularly significant in this reading other than to remind you that if you don’t tidy things up yourself, the Universe will do it for you. Could it be you’re being tested? Anyway, there appears to be significant life-altering spiritual energy at work. Don’t act impulsively…go slow. Light and love, Toney

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