The Mystery of Inequity – Oops!

That title, taken from the Bible, refers to the existence of evil in the world, or in philosophical and theological terminology, “The Problem of Evil.”

I’m currently dizzy from writing an academic paper on this subject, which is why I mistakenly published a newspaper reprint on the Chrysalis Tarot blog that had nothing much to do with Chrysalis. I intended the piece for another blog I publish, which, should anyone wish to read the article regardless, it can be found here.

While I immediately deleted the wayward reprint from, it did find its way via email to my Chrysalis subscribers. I apologize for the miscue. We live in dizzying times, eh?

That said, it may be worth noting that evil in the world becomes activated and animated in the human psyche by an archetype popularly (and incorrectly) referred to as Satan. The fraught attributes and characteristics commonly associated with “Satan the Cosmic Boogeyman” provide us with little more than a convenient scapegoat for evildoing and the customary mind-bending simplistic pronouncements girded up by religious dogma.

What lies behind the reality of evil in the world is far more complex. Its true explanations fall squarely in the realm of depth psychology and quantum physics and not apologetics.

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