Cosmic Evil: Peterson’s Pearls (4)

An excellent guest blog by Ron Clutz. The previous 3 offerings in this series are linked at the conclusion of this piece.

Ron establishes a polarity between The Fascist and The Decadent with the “Individualist” center represented by Heroic Self, an archetype familiar to Tarot.

It’s a good, thought provoking read. Click on “View original post to read the entire article.

Science Matters

This is the fourth in a series of posts based upon Jordan Peterson’s book Maps of Meaning, published in 1999 after 17 years of research and writing. It is rich in description and insight with many references and quotations from original sources. Reading it I began to copy passages that struck me as especially lucid and pertinent. Those paragraphs of his text are provided below in italics as excerpts selected to explain five themes emerging in my reflections while pondering his book. Cosmic Dichotomy: Peterson’s Pearls (1) provides an overview explaining why this is important to me and perhaps to others.

[Note: I use the word “cosmic” since each individual’s world is at risk, and as we see in the agitation over climate change, entire social groups can also fear for their collective world.]

Jordan Peterson on Cosmic Evil (Excerpts from Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief Title…

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