The Egregore

John Haverkamp, for Deviant Art

The Egregore is often referred to (incorrectly) as an occult spirit, but in fact it’s just another archetype few of us understand. Chrysalis Tarot features only positive archetypes in our deck, but this distinctly evil fellow is worth a footnote because ‘praemonitus, praemunitus‘ – forewarned is forearmed.

Like people, archetypes have both positive and negative aspects. Kali, for example, is a mother goddess as well as a destroyer. We could assert that the Egregore has affinity with Kali’s most negative aspects. In this way we can fit the Egregore into the Chrysalis puzzle.

We often hear talk of spiritual warfare – the forces of light versus the forces of darkness; angels versus demons and so forth as an existential reality. This is a much favored subject in church sermons. While spiritual warfare may be real enough, the battles are fought not in the heavens but in the hearts and minds of everyday people.

Remember, we are all connected to each other and to these archetypal cosmic databases. For better or worse they influence our lives on a daily basis.

One of the recurring tenets of Chrysalis Tarot encourages us to listen to our own inner voice (Divine Child), which is always tranquil, and not to that multitude of voices that are anything but tranquil – “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things.” (Luke 10:38-42)

Today, many of our political leaders encourage divisiveness, which they term “resistance.” It seems they actually want us to be “anxious and troubled by many things” and at each other’s throats. They actively promote anger, discord and confrontation. And they engender fear, their most important weapon. Above all else, the Egregore is the archetype of fearmongering.

So what exactly are the attributes of the Egregore. What is this grotesque archetype all about and why is he important? In addition to fearmongering, the Egregore is the archetype of Group Think or Group Mind. When people are fearful, they are easily controlled and manipulated; they think what they’re told to think by the Egregore’s minions.

It’s mostly the Egregore’s unwitting followers who are anesthetized by his powerful influence and heavy-handed tactics. They are left with no room for an “inner voice” because the Group Voice reigns supreme. It demands obedience and thus drowns out tranquility!

To be forearmed against Group Think and the Egregore is to be willing and able to think for yourself – to think critically for yourself and eschew dogma in all its vagaries, political and religious. No one who marches in lockstep with Group Think is even capable of true enlightenment, although they consider themselves the most enlightened among us (because that’s what they’re told).

The first step in becoming awakened is to renounce the Egregore in all its fetid forms. Strive to be like Mary and not like Martha. Choose tranquility and critical thinking: “The better portion.”


From the Chrysalis Tarot App

© Toney Brooks, 2018