The Myth of Global Warming


C03In celebration of Earth Day, this week’s Chrysalis card is Gaia. Remember that Gaia is not only a Greek Goddess but a conscious, living system that maintains optimal living conditions on Planet Earth.

Gaia works somewhat like the human subconscious mind. Imagine how long we would live it we consciously needed to remember to breath or regulate our heartbeat, etc. Only a few seconds.

I urge you to educate yourselves regarding climate change and global warming. The science your read about in corporate media is corrupted. Global warming does take place, however we humans have little to do with it. Earth’s temperature is controlled by the sun.

The sun has cycles. The truth is there has been no global warming for over a decade. We are now entering into a solar cycle known as a Dalton Minimum. The last Dalton Minimum, which occurred at the turn of the 19th century, produced much cooler average temperatures for 30+ years. The year 1816, for example, is known as the “year without a summer.”

We’ll see how Gaia handles the solar cycle we’re now entering. She has 7-times more data points sending her information – the human population has swelled from 1-billion to over 7-billion since 1800.

It’s probably also important to understand that man-made global warming, in addition to being a myth, is a political agenda aimed at redistributing global wealth. Like most political agendas, the hubris surrounding “global warming” is all about money, not the environment.


Winter is coming!


How is science corrupted? (YouTube video)

Gaia at work. (YouTube video)


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